Services Provided by our Notary Office Include:

Residential Property Services:

  • CONTRACTS & Agreements (Property, Builder’s, ect.)
  • REAL Estate Transfers (Purchase and Sales)
  • MORTGAGES / Refinances
  • MANUFACTURED Home Transfers
  • FAMILY Transfers
  • REMOVE Names from Title / Transmissions
  • DISCHARGE of Mortgages, Judgments, ect.
  • NAME Changes on Title
  • REVIEW Notations on Title
  • SUBDIVISIONS – Preparation of Documents and Registration
  • EASEMENTS – Preparation of Documents and Registration
  • PERSONAL Property Security Agreements
  • REGISTRATION of Statutory Building Schemes
  • RESTRICTIVE Covenants
  • ZONING Applications
  • PREPARATION & Registration of Land Spouse Protection Act charges
  • PREPARATION & Registration of Family Relation Act charges
  • REGISTRATION of Judgments
  • REGISTRATION of Caveats
  • PREPARATION & Registration of Builder’s Liens
  • TENANCY Agreements

Commercial Property Services:

  • SMALL Business – Purchase and Sales
  • PREPARATION & Registration of Builder’s Liens
  • COMMERCIAL Mortgages

Estate Planning:

  • POWER of Attorney
  • HEALTH Care Directives (“Living Wills”)
  • TRUST Declarations and Agreements
  • FAMILY Transfers
  • PROFESSIONAL Executor Services


  • AFFIDAVITS / Statutory Declarations
  • ATTESTATION of Signatures
  • CERTIFIED True Copies
  • EXECUTION and Authentication of International documents
  • PASSPORT Applications
  • PROOF of Identity for travel purposes
  • LETTERS of Invitation for foreign travel
  • AUTHORIZATION of a minor child to travel
  • HEALTH care declarations
  • INSURANCE loss declarations

Other Services:

  • LEGAL ADVICE in area of practice

At this time Notaries Public are not authorized to deal with family law, ie separation agreements.  This is one area of the law that we hope will be included in services that a Notary Public can provide when the new Notaries Act is proclaimed.

If the service you require is not on the above list, please feel free to call our office to verify if it is a service we can provide.